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Product description
technical parameter

Features of WDS-620 rework station:

Independent three temperature zone temperature control system:

The upper and lower temperature zones are heated by hot air, the IR preheating zone is infrared heating, and the temperature is accurately controlled at ± 1 ℃. The upper and lower temperature zones can be heated from the top of the components and the bottom of the PCB at the same time, and 8 temperature controls can be set at the same time. The PCB board is evenly heated, and the bottom of the large IR is preheated to make the entire PCB temperature uniform, prevent deformation, and ensure the welding effect. The heating board can independently control heating.

The BGA chip and the PCB board can be heated locally by hot air at the same time, and then the bottom of the PCB board is preheated with a large-area infrared heater, which can completely avoid the deformation of the PCB board during the repair process; the upper temperature can be used separately by selection Zone or lower temperature zone, and freely combine the energy of the upper and lower heating elements.

Select high-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control and PID parameter self-tuning system; can display four temperature curves and store multiple sets of user data at the same time, and have instant curve analysis function; external temperature measurement interface realizes precise temperature detection and can be used at any time Analyze and proofread the temperature curve of the actual collected BGA. And can carry out curve analysis, setting and correction of temperature parameters at any time on the touch screen;

Precise optical alignment system: Adopt high-definition adjustable CCD color optical vision alignment system, with functions of beam splitting, magnification, reduction, and autofocus, and equipped with automatic color difference resolution and brightness adjustment device, which can adjust the imaging clarity; with 15 "High-definition LCD display.

Multifunctional and humanized operating system

Adopt high-definition touch screen man-machine interface, integrated design of upper heating device and placement head. Equipped with a variety of titanium alloy BGA nozzles, the nozzle can be rotated 360 °, easy to install and replace.

The X, Y axis and R angles are fine-adjusted with a micrometer, and the alignment is accurate with an accuracy of ± 0.01mm.

Superior function:

There are 5 working modes, namely: disassembly, welding, placement, semi-automatic, manual five modes.

Percent wind speed adjustment, fan speed and chip temperature curve are saved at the same time.

The rack and pinion drives the upper heating head, and rotating the rack and pinion for a long time will not cause damage. The same industry uses belts to drive the upper heating head, and it will be easily damaged due to long-term rotation.

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WDS-620 product specifications and technical parameters:

Total power


Upper heating power


Lower heating power


Lower infrared heating power

2700W (1200W controlled)

power supply

Single phase (Single Phase) AC 220V ± 10 50Hz


V-shaped card slot + universal fixture + laser positioning lamp for fast positioning.

temperature control

High-precision K-type thermocouple (Ksensor) closed-loop control (Closed Loop), up and down independent temperature measurement

Temperature accuracy can reach plus or minus 2 degrees;

Selection of electrical appliances

Highly sensitive touch screen + temperature control module + PLC + stepper driver

Maximum PCB size

400 × 380mm 



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