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Product description
technical parameter

Features of WDS-750 rework station:

The machine uses a touch screen man-machine interface, heating time, heating temperature, heating speed, cooling time, early warning, vacuum time, etc. are all set inside the touch screen, the operation is intuitive, simple and easy to use;

The machine is independently controlled by Panasonic PLC and temperature control module imported from Japan. It displays three temperature curves at any time and four independent temperature measurement interfaces, which can accurately judge the temperature of multiple points of the chip to ensure the welding yield of the chip. ;

The three temperature zones are independently heated, and each temperature zone can be independently set for heating temperature, heating time, and heating slope; six heating temperature sections, which simulate the reflow soldering heating method, can be set [preheat, heat preservation, temperature rise, welding, return Welding, cooling].

This machine has functions of automatic feeding, suction and unloading; it can automatically identify the center position of the chip when it is aligned;

Multi-function mode selection, there are four modes [welding, unloading, mounting, manual], which can realize automatic and semi-automatic functions, and better meet the various needs of customers;

The high-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control imported from the United States is selected, and the unique heating method adopted by our company is adopted to ensure that the welding temperature difference is within ± 1 ℃.

The machine adopts imported optical alignment system and is equipped with 15-inch high-definition display; high-precision micrometer is used for X / Y / R axis adjustment; to ensure the alignment accuracy is controlled at 0.01-0.02mm.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the alignment, the upper heating head and the placement head are integrated; the machine is equipped with a variety of BGA heating air nozzles to better meet the needs of customers' various chips. The heating air nozzle is easy to replace and special Requirements can be customized.

Automation and high precision, completely avoid human operation errors; the best results can be achieved for lead-free processes and double-layer BGA, QFN, QFP, capacitor resistance and other components rework.

The side monitoring camera can be used to observe the melting of solder balls, which is convenient to determine the curve and welding effect; (This function is optional).

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Technical parameter introduction of WDS-750 rework station:

Total power


Upper heating power


Lower heating power


Lower infrared heating power

4200W (2400W controlled)

power supply

Single phase (Single Phase) AC 220V ± 10 50Hz


Optical lens + V-shaped card slot + laser positioning lamp for quick positioning.

temperature control

High-precision K-type thermocouple (Ksensor) closed-loop control (Closed Loop), up and down independent temperature measurement

Temperature accuracy can reach plus or minus 1 degree;

Selection of electrical appliances

Highly sensitive touch screen + temperature control module + PLC + stepper driver

Maximum PCB size

500 × 450mm 

Minimum PCB size

10 × 10mm

Number of temperature measuring interfaces


Chip magnification

2-30 times

PCB thickness


Applicable chip

0.3 * 0.6mm-80 * 80mm

Applicable chip minimum pitch


Mounting maximum load


Mounting accuracy



L670 × W780 × H900mm

Optical alignment lens

The electric drive can move back and forth, left and right, and absolutely avoid dead angle

Machine weight

Net weight about 90kg



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