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WDS-900 rework station overview:

● WDS-900 is a small and large (small size but can be repaired 650mmX610mm large plate) with optical alignment system, using infrared plus gas (including nitrogen or compressed air) mixed heating method, all actions are driven by the motor, software Controlled integrated rework station for desoldering. Used for desoldering various types of packaging chips. Applicable to any BGA device, special and difficult repair components POP, CCGA, BGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, Micro SMD, MLF (Micro Lead Frames).

● Independent six-axis linkage, seven motors drive all actions. The upper and lower temperature zones / PCB movement and the optical alignment system X / Y movement are controlled by the rocker, which is easy to operate. With memory function, suitable for batch rework to improve efficiency and high degree of automation.

● The integrated design of heating head and placement head has the functions of automatic rotation, alignment, welding and automatic disassembly;

● The upper wind head adopts a 4-channel hot air heating system, plus a 2-channel independent cooling system, with fast temperature rise, uniform temperature, and fast cooling (50-80 degrees can be suddenly dropped when the temperature is lowered), which can better meet the process requirements of lead-free soldering. The lower hot temperature zone adopts infrared + hot air mixed heating. Infrared directly acts on the heating area and conducts with the hot air at the same time, which can make up for each other's deficiencies and make the PCB heat up quickly (heating rate up to 10 ° C / S), while the temperature remains uniform.

● Independent three temperature zones (upper temperature zone, lower temperature zone, infrared preheating zone), the upper temperature zone and the lower temperature zone realize synchronous automatic movement, and can automatically reach any position in the bottom infrared preheating zone. The lower temperature zone can move up and down, support the PCB, and adopt automatic motor control. The PCB is fixed on the fixture, and the upper and lower heating heads can be moved to the target chip on the PCB.

● The original bottom infrared preheating platform adopts the excellent heating material imported from Germany (infrared gold-plated light tube) + anti-glare constant temperature glass (temperature resistance up to 1800 ° C), and the preheating area reaches 500 * 420 mm (effective area).

● The preheating platform, clamping plate device and cooling system can move automatically in the X direction as a whole. Make PCB positioning and desoldering safer and more convenient.

● X, Y direction mobile and overall unique design, make full use of equipment space, realize relatively large area PCB rework with relatively small equipment volume, the largest splint size can reach 650 * 610mm, no rework corner;

● The splint device has a positioning scale, the system can remember the historical positioning scale, making repeated positioning more convenient and fast.

● Built-in vacuum pump, arbitrary rotation of Φ axis angle, high-precision stepper motor control, automatic memory function, precise fine adjustment of the mounting nozzle;

● The suction nozzle automatically recognizes the suction material and the mounting height. The pressure can be controlled within a small range of 10 grams. It has 0 pressure suction and mounting functions for small chips;

● HDMI high-definition imaging system, equipped with 19-inch high-definition display, can meet the maintenance of various small chip components, super large BGA chips, 4094CPU seats and so on. Color high-definition optical vision system, with dichroic two-color, magnification and fine adjustment functions, including chromatic aberration resolution device, auto focus, software operation function, 32 times optical zoom, maximum repairable BGA size 90 * 90mm;

● The temperature control method breaks the previous switch value control (switch value control: the temperature of the heating element is controlled by the length of the solid-state on and off time; the heating element power is only frequently switched between 0 or 100% during heating to control the temperature of the heating element , The temperature fluctuation is relatively large), the machine uses analog control (continuously control the power of the heating element through the analog quantity, continuously adjust the power of the heating element from 0-100% to achieve stable and accurate temperature control) At present, high-end reflow soldering uses this heating control method: computer + PLC control; embedded industrial control computer, touch screen man-machine interface. PLC control, real-time temperature curve display, can display set curve and actual measurement curve, can analyze temperature measurement curve;

● 10-stage temperature rise (fall) + 10-stage constant temperature control, mass temperature curve can be stored, and curve analysis can be performed on the touch screen;

● Various sizes of alloy hot air nozzles are easy to replace and can be rotated and positioned 360 °.

● Configure 5 temperature measurement ports, with multi-point real-time temperature monitoring and analysis function.

● Equipped with nitrogen inlet, which can be connected with nitrogen to protect welding, making the repair more safe and reliable.

● Adopt the fixture with positioning scale to complete the automatic picking or removing of the chip. As long as the chip size is input on the operation screen, the upper wind head will automatically absorb the center position of the chip, which is more suitable for mass production.

● With solid state operation display function, making temperature control more safe and reliable;

● The machine can automatically generate SMT standard temperature disassembly curves at different temperatures in different areas, without manual setting of machine curves, and can be used by experienced operators to achieve machine intelligence.

● Exclusive 4-channel heating method, when the CPU seat is heated, the temperature error of the four corners of the 4094 seat can be controlled within 5 ℃;

● With a camera to observe the melting point of the side of the solder ball, it is convenient to determine the curve. (This function is optional).


WDS-900 rework station device specifications:

1. Device model WDS-900

2. Maximum PCB size: W650 * D610mm

3. PCB thickness: 0.5 ~ 8mm

4. Applicable chip: 1 * 1 ~ 90 * 90mm

5. Minimum pitch of applicable chips: 0.15mm

6. Mounting maximum load: 500g

7. Mounting accuracy: ± 0.01mm

8. PCB positioning method: shape or positioning hole

9. Temperature control mode: K-type thermocouple, closed-loop control

10. Lower part hot air heating: hot air 1200W

11. Upper hot air heating: hot air 1200W

12. Bottom preheating: infrared 6000W

13. Power supply: three-phase 380V, 50 / 60Hz

14. Machine size: L970 * W700 * H1400mm (without bracket)

15. Machine weight: about 170KG


WDS-900 rework station random delivery information and after-sales service:

1. Documents

1) A copy of the operating instructions

2. After-sales training content

1) Installation and adjustment of equipment

2) Equipment operation

3) Equipment adjustment and parameter setting

4) Equipment maintenance

5) Elimination of common equipment failures

6) Replacement of wearing parts of equipment

7) Other matters needing attention



The equipment is guaranteed for one year under normal use, including installation and commissioning and personnel training after the machine arrives at the factory. At the same time provide life-long technical support and services.

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