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Overview of WDS-A1250 Rework Station:

● WDS-A1250 is developed and designed for the repair of large industrial control motherboards and 5G server motherboards (maximum splint area 1200mmX700mm), fully computer controlled. Equipped with high-definition optical alignment system, using infrared + gas (including nitrogen or compressed air) mixed heating method, all action software controls the integrated rework station for welding and demolition completed by the motor drive. Used for desoldering various types of packaging chips. Applicable to any BGA device, special and difficult repair components POP, CCGA, BGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, Micro SMD, MLF (Micro Lead Frames), etc.

● Independent ten-axis linkage, 10 motors drive all actions. Both upper and lower temperature zone / PCB movement and optical alignment system X / Y movement can be controlled by computer, and the operation is simple. With memory function, suitable for batch rework to improve efficiency and high degree of automation.

● The integrated design of heating head and placement head has the functions of automatic rotation, alignment, welding and automatic disassembly;

● The upper wind head adopts a dual-channel hot air heating system, the diameter of the air outlet reaches 80mm, when reworking larger components, the temperature of the four corners is more uniform, the temperature is faster, the temperature is uniform, and the cooling is fast (50-80 degrees can be dropped suddenly when cooling down) Meet the technological requirements of lead-free soldering. The lower hot temperature zone adopts infrared + hot air mixed heating. Infrared directly acts on the heating area and conducts with the hot air at the same time, which can make up for each other's deficiencies and make the PCB heat up quickly (heating rate up to 10 ° C / S), while the temperature remains uniform.

● Independent three temperature zones (upper temperature zone, lower temperature zone, infrared preheating zone), the upper temperature zone and lower temperature zone realize automatic movement, and can automatically reach any position in the bottom infrared preheating zone. The lower temperature zone can move up and down, support the PCB, and adopt automatic motor control. The PCB is fixed on the fixture, and the upper and lower heating heads can be moved to the target chip on the PCB.

● The ultra-large bottom infrared preheating platform adopts the Erstein dark infrared heating plate imported from Germany. The temperature rises quickly, the preheating is uniform, and the preheating area reaches 650 * 520 mm. When repairing a large-size PCB, the software has a pre-heating function. When the device is started, the infrared area is first heated to pre-heat the PCB. When the PCB temperature reaches the set trigger value, the upper and lower hot air starts to heat. The advantage of doing this is that first Preheat the PCB, reduce the heat loss caused by the heat absorption of the PCB during the heating process, the solder ball can reach the melting point faster, and effectively prevent the deformation of the PCB, and improve the success rate of rework.

● X, Y direction mobile and overall unique design, make full use of equipment space, realize relatively large area PCB rework with relatively small equipment volume, the maximum splint size can reach 1200 * 700mm, no rework corner;

● Built-in vacuum pump, arbitrary rotation of Φ-axis angle, high-precision stepper motor control, precise fine-adjustment of mounting nozzle;

● The suction nozzle automatically recognizes the suction material and the mounting height, and the pressure can be controlled within a small range of 10 grams. It has 0 pressure suction and mounting functions for small chips; the suction rod has a blower function. During the heating process, It can cool the BGA surface, reduce the temperature difference between the BGA surface and the solder ball position, and effectively protect the chip from high temperature damage.

● Color high-definition optical vision system with spectroscopic dual-color, magnification and fine-tuning functions, including color difference resolution device, auto focus, software operation function, 22x optical zoom, maximum component size 120 * 120mm;

● Industrial control integrated computer + PLC control; embedded industrial control computer, touch screen operation interface. PLC control, real-time temperature curve display, can display set curve and actual measurement curve, can analyze temperature measurement curve;

● 10-stage temperature rise (fall) + 10-stage constant temperature control, mass temperature curve can be stored, and curve analysis can be performed on the touch screen;

● Various sizes of alloy hot air nozzles are easy to replace and can be rotated and positioned 360 °.

● Configure 13 temperature measurement ports, with multi-point real-time temperature monitoring and analysis function.

● Equipped with nitrogen inlet, which can be connected with nitrogen to protect welding, making the repair more safe and reliable.

● The suction rod is equipped with manual blowing and cooling function. During the BGA repair process, the chip surface can be cooled at any time to reduce the temperature difference and effectively protect the chip from high temperature damage;

● With solid state operation display function, making temperature control more safe and reliable;

● Optional camera for observing the melting point of the side of the solder ball is convenient for determining the curve.

● Touch screen industrial control computer control, intelligent operation software, remote control can be realized after connecting to the network;

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WDS-1250 rework station device specifications:

power supply


Total power


Heater power

Upper hot air heating, maximum 1200W


Lower hot air heating, maximum 1200W


Infrared preheating at the bottom, maximum 8000w

pcb positioning method

V-shaped card slot + universal fixture

Temperature control method

High-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control, independent temperature measurement from top to bottom, temperature accuracy up to ± 1 degree;

Selection of electrical appliances

Touch screen industrial control integrated computer + temperature control module + plc + servo driver

Applicable PCB size

Max1200 × 700mm Min 10 × 10 mm

Applicable chip size

 Max 120 × 120mm Min 0.6 × 0.6mm

Applicable pcb thickness


Alignment system

Optical diamond mirror + HD industrial camera

Mounting accuracy


Temperature measurement interface


Mounting maximum load


Tin point monitoring

External camera monitors the solder ball melting process during welding

Feeding device

Automatic feeding device


L1350 × W1300 × H1920mm

Machine weight

About 650kg



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