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X-ray S-7200

Product description
technical parameter
Product function:
1 stage control
。 Adjust the speed of the stage through the space bar: slow, constant, fast
。 Keyboard control x, y, Z three-axis movement and tilt angle
。 Large navigation window, very clear navigation image, mouse click to move the stage to the point
2 NC programming
。 Click the mouse to create a detection program, simple and user-friendly operation
。 The stage can be positioned in X, Y direction; X-ray tube and detector in Z direction
。 Software set voltage and current
。 Image settings: brightness, contrast, auto gain and exposure
。 Users can set the pause time for program switching
。 Anti collision system can meet the maximum tilt and observation of objects
Automatic analysis of BGA diameter, void ratio, area and roundness
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Product parameters:
Equipment model: wisdomshow s-7200
Light tube type / tube style: Hamamatsu closed tube / sealed tube
Tube voltage: 90KV
Tube current: 250ua
Tube focus size: 5um
Optical tube power: 100W
Cooling mode: air cooling
Geometric magnification: 200 times
Flat panel detector: rayence ndt0505j
Platform size: 560 * 520mm
T-axis inclination: 70 degrees
Computer: Dell / Dell
Operating system / operation system: Windows 7
Display / display: 24 "LCD
Power / power: ac110-230v, 50 / 60Hz
Working environment: 0-40 ℃
Radiation safety standard: < 1usv / HR
Boundary dimension: 1700 * 1200 * 1100mm
Weight / weight: about 1000 kg
Warranty period: 12 months or 10000h for optical tube, 12 months for other parts

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