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Company Culture

Enterprise spirit:

People-oriented, realistic and innovative, hard-working and enterprising, customer first


Company orientation:

Taking customer needs as the development goal, keeping up with customers' final requirements, providing high-quality products and excellent services.

Service philosophy:

Listen to the customer's voice, pay attention to the details of the customer's needs, and make their expectations.

Humanistic culture:

Based on virtue, appointing people with virtue, improving professional skills, sharpening professional quality, casting dedication, and possessing talents with excellent enterprises adapting to international capabilities.

Customers: Provide customers with professional products and services of high quality and maximum value, and win customers' understanding, respect and support with sincerity and strength.

Employees: Trust the efforts and dedication of employees, recognize the achievements of employees and provide corresponding returns, and create a good working environment and development prospects for employees.

Market: Reduce purchase costs and risks for customers, and provide practical guarantee for customers' investment.

Development: Pursue the goal of sustainable development, and build it on the basis of customer satisfaction.

Corporate values:

The customer is the first to pay attention to the customer's concerns, provide advice and information to the customer, and help the customer grow;

Teamwork, sharing and sharing one by one, to complete the ego with the ego;

Embrace change and break through one by one to meet change;

Honesty and integrity, keeping promises;

Passion one by one, never give up, be optimistic;

Dedicated one by one to do extraordinary things with professional attitude and ordinary attitude

our service:

Professionalism, integrity, excellence, customer first

Our philosophy:

High efficiency, high quality, low maintenance

Enterprise slogan:

Make the best BGA rework station in the industry, let Zhicheng show BGA rework stations all over the world



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