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Product description
technical parameter

Features of WDS-520 rework station:

The machine adopts high-definition industrial touch screen. The temperature reflects the data to the touch screen in the form of curve during operation, and has functions of curve analysis and curve modification;

It can store hundreds of user temperature curve data.

Independent heating control in the three temperature zones, hot air heating in the upper and lower temperature zones, lower hot air temperature zone can be adjusted up and down, infrared heating in the bottom temperature zone, the temperature is accurately controlled at ± 2 degrees, and the upper temperature zone can move up, down, left, and right. The upper and lower heating zones can be set with up to nine temperature controls at the same time. The IR preheating zone can adjust the output power according to actual requirements .;

The heating nozzle can rotate 360 ​​°, which is easier to meet the position of different chips; the machine uses high-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control, and an external temperature measurement interface realizes precise temperature detection;

Built-in vacuum suction pen, lighting lamp, cross-flow fan, laser lamp and other auxiliary functions; the machine has advanced alarm function, intelligent air volume adjustment software, which is more stable and convenient than traditional adjustment knob control;

This machine has passed CE certification, and it has automatic power-off protection device for abnormal accidents. In the event of temperature runaway, the circuit can automatically power off, with double over-temperature protection function;

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Technical parameters of WDS-520 rework station:

power supply


Total power


Heater power

Upper hot air heating, maximum 800W


Lower hot air heating, maximum 1200W


Infrared preheating at the bottom, maximum 1800w

pcb positioning method

V-shaped card slot + universal fixture

Temperature control method

High-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control, independent temperature measurement from top to bottom, temperature accuracy up to plus or minus 2 degrees;

Selection of electrical appliances

Highly sensitive touch screen + temperature control module + microcontrollers 

Applicable PCB size

Max300 × 280mm Min 10 × 10 mm

Applicable chip size

 Max60 × 60mm Min 1 × 1 mm

Applicable pcb thickness


Temperature measurement interface



L460 × W480 × H500mm

Machine weight

About 20kg



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